This project, developed at TheBroad Alliance for Multimedia and Technologiy Applications and funded in part by NASA Ames Commercialization Center,
is currently being updated ~ please contact Cate for any comments, questions or contacts for partnering.


"You Are the Source and the Resource of Your Own Future"    

Youtopia is an ever-developing framework that cultivates depth in students' perceptions of their experiences as they face the challenges of adolescence in today's complex society.

When students integrate data through participation in this creative project based collective process, they re-experience the cause and effect of their real world actions, behaviors and decisions.

This learning engine builds self-esteem by creating dynamic relationships between teachers, kids and their universe. Join us, leverage student projects and your curriculum in this cosmology.All resulting in more effective goals and aspirations.

This site presents an opportunity for promoting both personal and social missions:
fostering an inner dialogue while examining social principles and practices




See below: Youtopias 'mission' and 'bottle' chapters on image for samples of user interfaces: On a Mission displays work from students at SF Academy of the Arts, and In a Bottle imagery is modified advertising, fostered by the vendors so that students will reflect further on the issues of alcohol use when seeing original imagery out in the world. Providing greater awareness of their place 'in it'