Kate Mulligan

Youtopia promotes clarity of information with 

Media Coherence 

We link the data that you support, to the experience as told by the children

The content of these issues is broken down organically - exactly what goes on ie; the effects created by  the issue both physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, globally, statistically, and so on - 

Students provide their experiences with these issues in the form of independent project  - be it writing, creating an image or animation, video, singing a song - helping others as a volunteer, sharing their experiences as part of the learning process!

Content contributions from the site can act as story lines for writers. Parallel relationships build new levels of understanding the  personal dynamics,"You Are The Source and the Resource"

A live link to: 

PBS Public Television Programming and NPR Radio Programming...

Half- hour programming never provides much time for examining solutions or viewer response.

The parallel web site picks up the slack on some very important issues, and encourages the flow-through of additional vital information as well as viewer participation 

Acting as a media hub for vital content ( .orgs, .edus, .govs, television programming, news, associations, journals,  advertisements, creative visions, publications and related image businesses, including teen-talk radio shows).

Story lines that are picked up by edutainment programming can then re-extend this experiencial data via dynamic character development, which will encourage greater participation by students who see their very own experiences being validated - and by creating positive  simulations that exercise decision-making in a role-playing environment, we can proactively affect our society.