Kate Mulligan

Suppliers of Content & Potential Advertisers


            • All schools, especially in at risk environments
            • All Universities engaging in scientific and social research
            • All Universities training councillors and therapists
            • NASA space education training program
            • Grant coordinators K-12 to College


            • The Social service network and Not for Profit Agencies dealing with at risk kids/families
            • Census Bureau and all statistical operations
            • EDU 2000
            • Alcohol and tobacco funds/ and such taxes
            • Court and law enforcement services to monors
            • The National Institute of Health
            • Dept of Commerce

Television and Media

            • CNN live talk
            • PBS / Bill Moyers science and the mind, etc.
            • Cop TV
            • Teen Court TV
            • The Eco Challenge/X Games
            • Olympics and Handicapped Olympics
            • MTV
            • Nickelodeon's BIG HELP
            • Local and NP Radio
            • YAO  - Youth Activities Outdoors cable
            • GO FOR IT - cable adventure series
            • All publications/web sites/catalogues/mail order focused on kids and parenting


            • Regional "age and user specific" vendors (see apx ten)
            • Health Industry insurance and services
            • Marketing, advertising and employment concerns of Corporations worldwide
            • The Music Industry
            • Public Relations concerns
            • Mentoring/Employment services