Kate Mulligan
This little blue haired lady just made a killing on the market...


me braids

A whole new meaning to the word "Average"

The Dow Jones K.I.D. Index
(Kinder Independence Development)

Real information on Real issues so kids can make Real decisions

Who is this kid anyway? This year she packed a $700 billion economic punch *

    • She influences $500 billion worth of product purchases
    • She spends $144 billion
    • She is the biggest up and coming customer /stockholder of your company
    • She is establishing brand loyalties and buying habits that will build/bury you
    • She wants to be met on her own turf
    • She wants to know "who loves her" and what sub/20 causes they support
"The flow of information can determine the success or failure of a generation"

Wake Up

The Future