Kate Mulligan

Kidsinit's Youtopia
" With the right tools you can change your world"

We are an organization that supports the Sub20 population - acting as an advocate for the security, sociability, health and well being of this powerful marketing segment. (Move over, AARP)

We bring content, commitment, and connectivity to our constituents.

We also help you do what you do - only better - we can give you a hand in reaching your future marketing goals to this growing and evolving group. Creating powerful brand identity product loyalty as well as giving you a clue on future trends and market sustainability. Sounds like utopia? It is…

Our  Mission Statement:
  • To help kids ride shotgun until such time that they earn their license to drive
  • To grock kids - and thus deliver loud clear messages on their concerns and directives to existing power structures
  • To reduce reuse recycle and reinvest the most valuable information from all sources creating a full service supra-store for the under twenty population
    To create a forum that assists in experiential sharing for healthy decision making in social and financial environments

We are selling non-profit stock options to sustainability driven companies whose goals integrate economic, environmental and social growth. This proactive, cost-effective and responsible manner of corporate giving eliminates time-consuming explanations to shareholders on corporate giving, while tripling the value of existing company content. and aims to increase long-term shareholder value. (Multiplying solutions)

Youtopia sees a future where the opportunity to build beyond boundaries creates a web whose long term
values support an immediate need, as well as long term goals that benefit social and economic endeavors