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Subject: Kidsinit/Youtopia

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is in support of the work that Kate Mulligan is doing with her
program Kidsinit/Youtopia. Kate and I met as she was seeking information
about an aspect of children of alcoholics; as we spoke it became apparent
that her project is unique in scope, innovation and attitude. This project
is enormous, touching a wide net of concerns a child or adolescent might
have. The technology uses cutting-edge interactive capacity to spark
growth and competence and satisfaction. The attitude underlying Youtopia
is one of the utmost respect: for privacy, for capacity, for the value in
each person's expression.

It should be obvious that I am pleased to be associated with this work and
that I support its expansion. My organization, the Family Education
Foundation, works with teen pregnancy prevention, children of alcoholics,
learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder, and fetal alcohol
damage. The population I serve will benefit from Youtopia in two specific

~ The kids I work with can tap into a world of information and
self-expression that is currently unavailable in any of their
"natural" environments.

~ The kids I DON'T work with can find out about thehelp and
opportunities my organization offers.

If there is any further information I can offer, please do not hesitate to
contact me:

Kathy Page

Clinical Director of Youth Programs
Family Education Foundation
(408) 244-1169

September 15, 1999

From: Heidi Holland [ACA/ACA/HHOLLAND] on behalf of Heidi Holland [hholland@counseling.org]
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Hi Kate,
 What a great idea your project is!  Unfortunately, I will not be able to be much help.  I found the crisis hotline numbers by searching the web for crisis hotline numbers and then called each number to find out more detailed information.  I do remember there was a website that had local hotline numbers for each state.  Unfortunately, I can not find the site again. Good luck with your search.  Sorry to not have more information for you.  Can't wait to see the results on your site!

Heidi Zarnoch Holland, M.A., NCC
Policy Analyst
American Counseling Association
(703) 823-9800 Ext. 352
(800) 347-6647 Ext. 352

The following is a letter in response to Dow Jones requesttinf info:

4675 Stevens Creek Blvd. Suite 250
Santa Clara, Ca 95051          September 18, 1999

Dear Linda;

I hope you enjoyed the web sketch of the Youtopia project, and were able to recognize the scope of our work.
There are several ways Dow Jones can be involved in the further development of Youtopia

1. Contribution of kid specific content - for educational/informational segments " Stock Market 101"
2. Provide an index of kid valued businesses for ages 7-17 - and invest in this production
3. Re-purpose kid valued data onto the site (graphic, data, marketing/product info, mentoring, school outreach/assignments, e-mail Q&A, and links to other Dow Jones sites.)
4. Consider involvement in future developments involving live chat sessions.
5. Engage Dow Jones partners and clients in sponsoring Youtopia.

Given the growing market in this area, I recommend Dow Jones consider a greater involvement with Kidsinit, to promote their clients' relationships with this group, as well as their participation in a framework of creative alliances with other kid focused concerns.

For example, art student Einar Hatlo's graduate project - a new corporate identity for NASA - was featured on the Youtopia "on a Mission" chapter. This exposure was a primary influence inspiring the current relationship between NASA's HQ exhibits office, and The San Francisco Academy of Art, whose second level students are now creating graphics for corporate identity submissions of the ISS  (International Space Station) enterprise.

Additionally, Youtopia was listed in the NASA Learning Technologies Project 1999 Guide, as a dynamic Internet framework which applies NASA learning technology projects to the analysis of social principles and practices in promoting both personal and social missions. http://learn.ivv.nasa.gov/Product99/k12/kidsinit.html.

Kidsinit is currently in the process of establishing a memorandum of understanding with NASA, aimed at providing awareness for Kidsinit in order to create similar synergy with AT&T, Bozell Jacobs, Braintainment, Amazon,
Johnston & Johnston, Libby Pharmaceuticals, Excalibur Technologies, and others.

We are available to meet with you to coordinate future efforts, at your earliest convenience. We look forward to increasing the scope of your involvement with the sub/20 group - fostering a "Youtopian state of mind" where
Dow Jones & Co. provides the index.


Kate Mulligan
CEO Kidsinit
office: 408 260 6210 cell: 408 921 4619

cc: E. Porat CEO OpenGrid, Incorporated
      Dr. Paul Kutler, Deputy Director, Office of Information Systems, NASA
      Cole Danehower, Perception Management, Ltd.
      Christine George, Assistant Director, Graphic Design Dept. S.F.A.A.